From ruins to an ecological gem…….

Bakwa lodge is the story of the transformation of an abandoned edifice into that of an ecological gem. When as a group of friends, passionate about island life, we discovered the abandoned construction site; we immediately saw the potential of developing an ecological gem in this enchanting part of Rodrigues, known as Var Brulé.

The abandoned constructions were transformed blending comfortably into the vegetation, flanked by local vacoas trees emerging occasionally from savannah like plains.

This is a beachfront property where beach access is direct from the lodge; one casually meanders down to the beach finding shelter from sun and rain under the filao trees bordering the lagoon whilst occasionally witnessing rural life go by as  goats and cows are herded along the beach.

Our Lodge has been developed with the environment and people of our community in mind. As water is scarce in Rodrigues, we recuperate rain water, that is filtered and pumped to our own treatment plant and transformed into drinking water. “Grey water” is used to water the garden set with native vegetation that blend perfectly into the natural endemic environment.

Deliberately soft in garden lightning, night time will enable you a bliss of southern skies and stars…
The villas are tastefully decorated with recycled Rodriguan artifacts and remnants of broken discarded Rodriguan fishing boats, creating a unique atmosphere of understated and comfortable luxury.

Bakwa Lodge was never intended to be a hotel, and it isn’t. It is a castaway island retreat appealing to a specific kind of person; one who appreciates a return to simple luxuries that reawaken the senses, rather than the predictable comforts of the modern world.

Our Identity
Bakwa lodge is simple, comfortable, contemporary island living. It’s logo has been derived from the typical Vacoas trees locally named “bakwa” trees dotting the island.

Rodrigues is also renowned for its tangy lemons known as “ti limon” whereby we make our our famous lemonade, which has inspired our slogan: