Exploring the caves of Rodrigues is like taking a dive into a magical dimension…
Rodrigues possesses the largest limestone zone in the Mascarene Islands, 830 hectares. A labyrinth of underground passages and tunnels extending over a total of approximately 4 kilometers – which remains very surprising for an island of only approximately 100 square kilometers. There are over 30 caves but only 2 are open to the public – Caverne Patate and Grande Caverne.

Explore nature’s hidden wonders deep below ground in the network of caves extending throughout the reserve.  Grande Caverne is over 1000 m in length and is the largest of the 11 caves, with imposing stalagmites and stalactites all beautifully illuminated.  It’s the sole cave fitted with such lighting effects in the Indian Ocean.  Visitors can safely discover the magnificent limestone formations, accompanied by informed and entertaining guides.

Cave Reserves