Pirogue Boat Fishing

The image of Rodrigues is that of its vast lagoon and its simple local boats (known as pirogues), white sails reflecting off the turquoise blue sea. Traditional fishing has been part of the Rodriguan way of life since the 18th century.  The lagoon provides for the needs of the islanders in fish and other seafood mainly octopus which contribute to the gastronomy reputation of today’s Rodrigues. Most surplus catch is dried, salted and exported to Mauritius.

The calling of the lagoon has gradually changed over time: due to its natural characteristics it lends itself to glide sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing.  Today small scale fishing and fishing for leisure are activities that attract growing numbers of visiting enthusiasts.  It is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day out in the lagoon with a fisherman, learning the tricks of the trade and even more rewarding coming home with fish for a tasty barbecue on the beach at Bakwa Lodge.

Aside from fishing in the lagoon you can sail (depending on the wind) or take a motor boat to one of the uninhabited islands and spend a day like Robinson Crusoe!!  Lost in a sea of various shades of blue, indulge yourself in swimming or snorkeling in the channels that link the lagoon to the ocean.  With a knowledgeable captain and crew explore the boundaries of these islets, stop for a barbecue lunch on the shore, hike across the island and discover the fauna and flora.  Ile aux Cocos is a protected bird sanctuary, where only partial access is granted to ensure the tranquility of the birds and their nests.  A wonderful day outing.

pirogue boat fishing