Scuba diving

The protected lagoon in Rodrigues is a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, a unique place to find a variety of fish and coral and a perfect place for scuba diving.  To discover scuba diving, one must simply hook up with a dive centre and explore the underwater world which offers dives departing off the Bakwa Lodge beach.

The diving area in Rodrigues spans from the lagoon to the outer reef and the channels.  The channels and passes are an excellent place to see larger fish, tuna, barracuda, and porcupine fish.  The exterior reef provides a large variety of coral, angle fish, triggerfish, parrot fish, red snappers and turtles as well as the potential to discover and explore numerous caves, canyons, and tunnels.  The protected lagoon offers shallow dives varying from 4 to 8 meters.  The diving area on the south east coast is bordered by the Marine Park a conservation area offering divers with a protected zone of over 12 km.

scuba diving